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“xChange helps us expand to new markets”

Do you want to expand to new markets? If yes, great! Conway Container Solutions did that and so can you. But how did they do it? In this interview, their founder and CEO, Aleksandrs Gnedovs, shares with us how his team faces the constant logistics and supply chain challenges worldwide, and grows stronger every day with xChange.

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About Conway Containers

Conway Container Solutions is a supplier of shipping containers around the world. Our main markets for the sales and repositioning are China, CIS countries, India, Europe, and North America.

Our young and ambitious team of specialists constantly upgrades their skills and qualifications and have a clear vision for working with international partners. They are experts in international transportation and deeply love and believe in logistics. Therefore, sky is the limit for our team members. Our main clients are leasing companies, sea container lines, large railway operators, terminals and freight forwarders in all continents.

What is the biggest challenge that you face right now as a container supplier?

As an international container supplier, we are constantly facing challenges that require our urgent attention. Congestion in ports, Covid-19, and now we are witnessing an incredible tragedy in Ukraine. All of this requires our constant involvement and lightning-fast decisions.

How does Container xChange help you in such cases?

Due to the volatility of the market, our main advantage is flexibility. We open new markets and sign leasing contracts with the largest players in the industry. For example, we recently signed an agreement with one of the world’s largest container manufacturers in China, which now allows us to operate managed containers in different directions, buy containers after leasing, and so on.

We value trust and our reputation is above all else. Additionally, we plan to open an official representative office in India, Germany and North America. Conway – means ‘Container on the Way’, so we are on a constant move to development. In this development, one of our partners is Container xChange.

What do you use xChange for?

We buy and sell containers through the platform, take advantage of opportunities to find new customers and financial instruments.

So, when it comes to new markets, especially, it has helped us a lot to have access to a platform like xChange. Apart from that, while we have customers who lease containers directly from us, some of our other customers prefer to use only xChange. And so, xChange is important for our business. The platform is also easy-to-use with a quick cash turnover. After the transaction, money is debited directly from our wallet account and that’s a huge advantage.

How long does it take for you to close a deal on xChange?

If we find a customer through xChange, we close the deal within a week after that. You might be able to close a deal much sooner too, but we pay close attention to quality, not quantity.

Apart from the ease of use and our payment handling, what else do you like about xChange?

I like how transparent the platform is. On xChange, we interacted with people who didn’t just want to collect our data but also genuinely wanted to collaborate with us. They weren’t there just for collecting information or get only leads and analyses. While we don’t hesitate to interact with anyone, using xChange has put us in touch with customers that were actually reliable for business.

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