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How Tagustainer exceeds customers’ expectations using xChange

Tagustainer, a European container trading company, needed to quickly deliver a container from North Europe to South Europe for their client. But time was not on their side and resorting to the open market would come with a lot of delays and hassle.

So, how did Tagustainer exceed their customer’s expectations and successfully deliver the container 6 days before the agreed time? Tagustainer found, bought, and shipped their container via a single platform- xChange.

About Tagustainer

Established in 2020 in Lisbon Portugal, Tagustainer is a container trading company that prides itself on the vast high-quality services they offer. The company not only specializes in trading various containers in assorted sizes and conditions, but also offers transportation, loading, and depot services.

“We delivered the unit 6 days ahead of time with xChange”

In mid-October 2022, Tagustainer had to quickly deliver a container to their client from North to South Europe by the 31st of October.

Time was running out and venturing into the open market would take roughly 2 to 3 weeks to deliver the container.

However, being a member of xChange for nearly 2 years, the company knew there was another way – leverage xChange’s services from start to finish.

The result? The deal was completed in just 7 days and the container was delivered 6 days ahead of schedule.

Here’s how it all went down:

1. Tagustainer bought a container in North Europe on xChange’s Container Trading marketplace on the 18th October.

2. With full assistance from xChange’s customer support team, the company received the release reference on the same day from the Chinese supplier.

3. From there, Tagustainer booked a SOC slot on Mann Lines using xChange’s Ocean Freight Marketplace and the container was shipped to South Europe in just 5 days.

4. The container was successfully delivered to the customer in South Europe on 25 October – 6 days ahead of the deadline!

“From buying the container to having it shipped, the entire process was simple and affordable with xChange. We were able to find good prices for containers and SOC slot services on xChange compared to off the platform. Overall, the platform is very easy to use. Everything can be done on xChange, including payments and negotiations with suppliers.”

Afonso Vassalo, Managing Director, Tagustainer 

“xChange opens a lot of doors for Tagustainer”

This is how Afonso Vassalo rated us out of 10 in the following categories:

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