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How ARCON increased their earnings and scaled up their business 5 times

ARCON Containers, a global container provider from India, has successfully leased over 9,500 containers, increased its earnings, and scaled up its business 5 times in less than 5 years. And now, the company is looking to expand even more on xChange and not only offer dry containers but special types too – Open Tops, Flat Racks, and even ISO Tanks! How did they achieve growth to this magnitude in such an unpredictable market? Read on to find out how.

About ARCON Container

ARCON is a global container trading and one-way leasing company, that predominantly focuses on Far East and Southeast Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Europe, and Russian markets. ARCON’s key differentiator from other industry players is their customer-focused approach, investment in their own containers, and a highly skilled international team. Their aim is to sustainably scale their business and unlock value by optimizing container utilization, globally.

“Finding reliable partners is just one click away with xChange”

Prior to joining xChange, ARCON experienced ongoing hurdles of finding and developing trust with overseas partners, sourcing global container supply, and quickly transacting. Eager to overcome these difficulties, CEO of ARCON, Mr Supal Shah decided to give xChange a try and became a member in 2018, when they were still a part of Sarjak Container Lines, an Indian NVOCC. Leveraging xChange’s marketplaces, the company resolved these challenges, explains Mr Shah: “Thanks to xChange, finding a partner is just one click away. Members of xChange are well verified so we don’t have any trust issues. There’s automatic price discovery on the platform, so we get competitive prices, and most importantly, the xChange wallet service makes the overall process smooth and quick.” And eager to further expand their business and journey into the depths of special type of equipment, Mr Shah added:

“We aim to enhance our presence on the xChange Leasing platform by now offering special type of equipment such as open tops, flat racks, and ISO tanks. We expect to develop this new venture at xChange because it allows us to meet many reliable users anywhere in the world”

“Quickly find supply and demand of containers”

As a loyal and active member of xChange for 5 years, here are the top three things that ARCON love about us:

“Apart from being able to scale up our business 5x and grow our global partner network, we love:

1. How simple it is to find global supply and demand for containers 2. xChange’s wallet service, which guarantees payment security

3. How efficient xChange is at resolving insurance and dispute issues”

Lease and trade containers at the best prices

Are you looking to lease or trade containers and grow your business in this erratic market, like ARCON?

Then we have your back. On our leasing and trading marketplaces, you can meet 1000s of partners and quickly sell your stock, lease containers for one-way moves, or buy and sell containers of different sizes and conditions – in just a few clicks.

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