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How CIMC Gold expands into new markets and operates more efficiently with xChange

CIMC Gold Wide Technology Logistics, an NVOCC based in Shenzhen, China, has made impressive progress within a year of joining Container xChange. Despite the turbulent container market, the company has achieved a remarkable three-fold increase in container volume, broadened its local and overseas partner network, and accomplished significant business growth. How did the company achieve these milestones within only one year after joining Container xChange? Read on to find out more.

About CIMC Gold Wide Technology Logistics

Established in 2010, CIMC Gold Wide Technology Logistics Co., Ltd (Shanghai Branch) is a subsidiary of the CIMC Group with its main office located in Shenzhen, China. The company leverages a comprehensive logistics network spanning domestic coastal regions, the Yangtze River corridor, domestic railway stations, and the Belt and Road Initiative abroad. Driven by technology, the company revolves around multimodal container transport, delivering efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly logistics solutions to its clients.

“Through Container xChange, we’ve connected with a wider customer base and established a competitive advantage”

During the epidemic in early 2022, as the demand for containers soared, CIMC Gold sought to forge more partnerships both locally and internationally to meet the escalating demand for container leasing and sales. At that time, the company’s resources were critically constrained, leaving them with a scant handful of domestic partners from WeChat contacts. This situation posed a significant hurdle to widening their client network. Furthermore, their business operations relied predominantly on phone calls and emails, restricting their access to real-time market insights and updates. However, their business started gaining momentum after joining Container xChange last year. As Cheng Dezhang, the Overseas Business Manager, put it:

“We’ve significantly improved our business efficiency with Container xChange”

Cheng Dezhang further emphasized how partnering with the platform has greatly improved their business expansion and partner-seeking efficiency: “Initially, we were limited to engaging with domestic partners one-on-one via WeChat, and the scarcity of resources was palpable. Hence, Container xChange came as a boon to our expansion plans. The platform’s features are highly practical and user-friendly. Compared to the conventional one-on-one information exchanges, we can now connect with container owners from all corners of the globe on a unified interface. Thanks to the platform’s real-time chat feature, we can interact with an even larger pool of customers and industry peers. Additionally, the platform provides live updates on container rental prices and market trends, enabling us to make informed business decisions!”.

The three aspects of Container xChange that CIMC gold likes the most

And on that note, here are CIMC’s top 3 things they like the most about xChange:

“1. Live Market Updates – Insights into current market trends and dynamics facilitate better decision-making.

2. Real-time Chat Interface – Offers wider interaction with customers and industry colleagues.

3. Reliable Customer Support – xChange’s customer support team is always ready to provide timely assistance and support, making our collaboration smooth and enjoyable!”

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