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How FELB balances their fleet and quickly leases boxes with xChange

Far East Land Bridge, experienced railway operator based in Austria made 55 new reliable partners, quickly leased over 4,700 containers, and balanced their fleet across Europe and China, while reducing the idle time for their containers.

How did they come face-to-face with such opportunities and balance their fleet in such a highly volatile market flooded with imbalances?

Read on to find out how.

About Far East Land Bridge (FELB)

Incepted in 2007, (FELB) is a railway operator that specializes in rail transportation of 40ft DC, 40ft HC and 20ft containers in and between Europe and Asia. The company owns a fleet of about 2600 containers which they supply for one-way leasing. When customer demand is high, they expand their stock by using boxes for one-way.

With offices in Austria, Germany, Italy, and China, 70+ employees, and nearly 16 years of container logistics experience, FELB prides themselves on their rapid transit time, flexibility, and customer orientation.

“We found new partners and reduced idling time on xChange”

Back in 2018, FELB joined xChange’s Leasing platform and primarily booked containers for one-way leasing when they needed to quickly find extra units. Later, they began supplying their own boxes on xChange to balance their fleet, avoid empty repositioning costs, and decrease idle time.

“We joined Container xChange because it exposes us to great opportunities to balance our fleet. Imbalance between the Westbound and Eastbound is about 3:1, so we can quickly lease extra units when we have a shortage or supply our units when the market is low”, explains Alexander Redkin, COO of FELB.

Additionally, Asset Managers of FELB, Liping Yang and Jinglin Guan, shared their experience using xChange’s leasing marketplace:

“Previously, it was a challenge to find reliable partners to move our containers. And when we did, we had to frequently email them to negotiate terms and conditions, which was a very time-consuming process. Now, with xChange, we can easily find partners to move our containers from Europe to China and all our offers are well structured, saving us time on lengthy negotiations.”

“Clear understanding of market rates with Insights”

What’s more! FELB is not only an active user of the leasing platform but an avid user of xChange Insights. This is what Jinglin Guan had to say about their experience:

“Insights shows us the market container rates so we can learn our potential earnings and it guides us when negotiating leasing contracts with partners.”

And here are the three things that FELB employees love the most about xChange:

“The three things we love about xChange is:

1. The easy and quick process to lease out our stock on the leasing marketplace.

2. Insights trading and leasing data that shows true market situations which help us align our offers and maximize our profits.

3. How fully functional all the interfaces are. For example, the leasing marketplace also provides us updates on our stock levels and the whereabouts of our containers.”

“xChange’s overall quality of service is a 9/10!”

Being a loyal member of xChange for 5 years, FELB has seen it all- the growth and true service of Container xChange. And with that, this is what they’ve rated us out of 10 in the following categories:

Learn the best time to lease out your containers

Do you also want to find new partners, quickly lease out your one-way containers and monitor their movement like FELB?

Then, now has never been a better time to give xChange Insights and Container Leasing a try.

With a quick search on xChange Insights, learn the actual leasing terms in 130+ global locations, assess your potential earnings for your desired stretches, and make the most profitable decisions for your business.

From there, hop onto our Container Leasing platform, key in your desired pick-up and drop-off locations and meet only certified partners to lease your containers to.

Give Container xChange a try and get a FREE demo on all these tools, today. What do you have to lose?

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