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How NMT Konteyners A.S supplies containers to new customers with full security

NMT Konteyners A.S, a container provider from Turkey, has successfully leased 1,800+ containers and made 29+ new partners in less than 4 years, all while transacting with full security. How did they go against the odds and achieve this in a market flooded with risks and uncertainty? Read on to find out how.

About NMT konteyners A.S.

Founded in 2018, NMT konteyners A.S. is a subsidiary of the NMT Logistics Group, which consists of six enterprises. NMT Konteyners is a container trading and one-way leasing company that was founded to integrate NMT’s container fleet and freight forwarding business and manage its business with its own fleet to avoid demurrage situations. The company primarily operates in Turkey and supplies containers from China but will be venturing into new markets soon.

“The process of leasing containers on xChange is efficient”

When initially starting up the company, director of NMT Konteyners, Mr. Burak Cebi, stumbled upon xChange and decided to become a member of xChange’s leasing platform. Having leased out 1,800+ containers via xChange in less than 4 years, Mr. Burak had this to share about the process of leasing one-way containers on the platform: “The process of leasing containers for one-way on xChange is very efficient – from supplying containers to transacting. Also, the invoices are concise and contain important information such as the number of containers and free days. It makes it easy for us to keep track of our containers and funds. Plus! I would like to celebrate xChange’s operations and customer support team because they’re fast. I’ve never had an unanswered message.”

“xChange makes us feel safe”

And since becoming a member back in 2019, NMT Konteyners has made 29+ reliable partners on xChange and refuses to do business with unfamiliar companies off the platform:

“xChange gives us a sense of safety and security. We also often encourage our partners who want to use our containers to join the platform. And if a company we don’t know approaches us with a leasing request, we’ll immediately tell them to send their requests via xChange or we won’t do business with them.”

“Quickly conclude deals”

As a loyal member of the platform for 4 years now, here’s a list of NMT’s favourite things about xChange: 1. The ease of leasing containers on the platform. 9.5/10. The leasing platform is easy to use, and we can conclude deals much quicker than off the platform. And if our partners are quick, we can conclude a deal in 5 minutes! 2. The quality of service is also 9.5/10. The customer support team is quick to respond to our queries. 3. The transacting process is secure while the invoicing process is precise and helps us stay up to date on the whereabouts of our containers and minor details of our deals.

“xChange eases and expedites the process for container suppliers and users”

Burak Cebi
Director, NMT Konteyners A.S

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