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How DT Logistics increased shipping efficiency and saved costs

DT Logistics is a global import and export company with offices in Singapore and Shanghai. They use xChange to lease available one-way containers.

  • Reduces paperwork and phone calls to save valuable time

  • Leases over 100 containers in 10 months

  • Grows its network and finds new SOC partners worldwide

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About DT Logistics

DT Logistics is a worldwide importer and exporter with a focus on Asian markets and offices in Singapore and Shanghai. DT Logistics’ transportation services span maritime, air, road, and rail solutions that allows customers to send any kind of cargo anywhere in the world easily and efficiently.

In addition to transporting shipments, DT Logistics also offers consultancy on the best route of transport to use, consolidation, picking, and packing on shipments, and customs clearance services between China and other countries to provide complete peace of mind.

DT Logistics is part of the Alfa Logistics Family, one of xChange’s first partners.

Reducing manual work

“Since moving to xChange, we’ve reduced the amount of paperwork needed and phone calls made. It’s so much easier to enter the requirements we need into the xChange platform and search for available containers when we need them, anywhere in the world” 

kèo bóng đá trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhậpGloria Gu, Procurement Manager,
DT Logitistics China

Slow turnaround times and manual transactions 

Prior to the pandemic, DT Logistics was relying on shipping lines to provide COC containers to move their customers’ shipments. As the pandemic hit and global trade routes were disrupted while e-commerce shipments surged, DT Logistics had to resort to manually calling trucking companies and warehouses to find containers in the right locations.

The solution: From manual to digital transactions through the xChange platform

Due to the high volume of exports from China, one of DT Logistics’ biggest challenges was finding containers for one-way moves from China to other regions of the world. Upon a recommendation by their Singapore counterparts, the Shanghai office (with a headcount of approximately 100 team members) decided to use the xChange platform to source containers in December 2020.

Increased speed and simplicity in searching for containers 

It didn’t take the Shanghai team long to see the value of the platform in terms of speed and efficiency. Previously, with manual interactions, it was “hard to get replies from suppliers in urgent situations”. With xChange the Shanghai team felt extremely supported in all their container transactions.

“The xChange team is always here for us. We get quick replies and it has made our job much easier,” explains Gloria Gu, Procurement Manager, DT Logistics China.

Additionally, manually calling up trucking companies and warehouses in the past often led to many dead ends and wasted time as the containers in the inventory would not always match DT Logistic’s requirements.

With xChange, however, almost 50% of searches end up in something that would fit the requirements. The most popular type of container leased by the company are 40ft containers for use with rail transport – which is also the type of container and route that generates higher revenue for the company.

Added efficiency and access to the global market

“The xChange team is always here for us. We get quick replies and it has made our job much easier”

kèo bóng đá trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhậpGloria Gu,Procurement Manager,
DT Logistics China

“In less than 10 months since moving to xChange, we’ve successfully leased over 100 containers on xChange and found a few new trustworthy suppliers that we are continuing to collaborate with”

kèo bóng đá trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhậpGloria Gu, Procurement Manager

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